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What Is a Deductible?
An insurance deductible is the amount you are responsible to pay for a claim before your insurance policy kicks in to cover the rest. If you pick a lower deductible you’ll be paying more in premium, but be required to pay less in the event of a claim. On the other hand, if you choose a higher deductible you’ll pay less in premium, but more if you were to have a claim. Insurance advisors can help you understand the right deductible for you and explain the balancing act between making sure you have the right coverage, while getting you the lowest price.
How Can I Reduce My Insurance Premiums?

Maintaining a safe driving record is key to getting lower car insurance rates. The more careful you are as a driver, the more you will avoid accidents or moving violations – all events that increase your insurance rates. Insurers also reward safe drivers by giving discounts of between 10-30%, dependent on driving record.

  • Other ways to lower insurance premiums include:
  • Obtaining discounts/and bulk rates by insuring several vehicles and drivers with the same insurer
  • Bundle other insurance policies, such as your home, business, and life, with the same insurance company
    Taking an approved Driver’s Training course with a newly licensed driver. Most insurers will credit two years of driving experience.
What will be the Discount for Bundling Property and Auto Insurance?
There certainly is with INSURE CALGARY! We offer a generous multi-policy discount when you bundle both your home and auto insurance together with us. Discounts vary by insurer, but can amount to 10-25% of the total policy cost!
Does the Auto Insurance Policy Respond if Personal Items Are Stolen From the Vehicle?
Auto insurance typically covers damage to your car, not the things you leave in the car. If you want to make sure your personal items are covered, you should think about getting home insurance which would provide you coverage against theft.
How Will a Ticket Affect My Premiums? What if There Were No Demerit Points?
First-time distracted drivers can be fined up to $1000 and have their license suspended for three days, as well as receive three demerit points on their record. Further offenses can lead to larger fines and more demerit points.

Some insurers consider such tickets as a major violation, leading to a higher premium. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this from happening: don’t text and drive!

How Do I Make a Claim?
So, the worst has happened, and you’ve gotten into a car accident. No sweat! This is what car insurance is for, after all. All you need to do is follow the proper procedure, and your insurance company will take care of you.

If your policy provider is INSURE CALGARY, the process for making a claim is simple. All you need to do is contact the police and file a report. After that, collect the relevant information about your accident and give it to your insurance company. Next, your insurance adjustor will process your claim. They will stay in contact with you, provide you with a rental vehicle (with SEF20 Loss of Use), help you find a reputable mechanic, and send the occasional update your way. Throughout this process, we’ll be here to help give you guidance along the way!

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